5 Steps to a 100% Lift in Key Metrics

The Marketing Sherpa recently posted a case study on a campaign that brought an IT consulting business extremely impressive results. 125% increase in unique site visitors? 153% increase in average page views per visit? With a mix of traditional marketing and website redesign, your site could get some serious attention.

These are the steps outlined in the article:

Step #1: Before you get started, identify your key targets. Who are your strongest customer segments? Are you looking to target by location? Consider your top 2-3 customer groups you want to reach.

Step #2: Then you can begin to redesign your homepage with those targets in mind. This redesign does not have to be a full overhaul of your site, either. The goal is to help prospects immediately find a click path into your website. In this case, they added large buttons in a billboard that were labeled after their target audiences.

Step #3: Even if your overall message is the same, tweak your standard copy so that each target audience feels that your message is unique to them. For example, when a prospect clicks on their button on your homepage, you can bring them to copy that includes your overall benefits and features that have simply been reworded to appeal to their specific needs.

Step #4: Reach your target prospects with direct mail. Once you’ve added your site updates, send out a postcard conveying your core message with a call-to-action.

Step #5: Simply enough – follow up with those postcard recipients. For example, your team could begin placing phone calls 3-4 days later to conduct a free evaluation of their needs and to schedule an on-site visit.

Their results were fantastic – imagine how tailoring a classic campaign like this to your organization could help you reach new prospects and bring in business in areas you never have before!

Read the full case study here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=31881

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