Adding Podcasts to Your Industrial Marketing Mix

It’s time to consider incorporating podcasts into your marketing mix. Podcasts are a convenient, portable way to communicate with your audience and build your company’s visibility and brand. They are cost effective to produce and have a reputation of growing virally through users sharing links to podcasts.

“Podcast” is one of those terms often used synonymously with webcast or cybercast. There really are no definitions set in stone for these terms. For our purposes, a podcast is an audio file that can be accessed on demand over the Internet. Most browsers know how to handle and stream an audio file that is clicked on, and most users have the broadband connections necessary to deliver audio.

Users can either play the audio file right in their Web browser or can download the podcast to their hard drive, iPod or other MP3 device and listen to it later. That’s one of the advantages of a podcast from the user’s point of view: they can gain control and can listen to the content at the time and place of their choosing.

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