Giving Your Leads the Response They Deserve Reply

Your company’s efforts at lead generation will achieve a better return in sales if you understand the nature of each lead and respond to it appropriately.

Three aspects of a lead can help determine how you should respond:

  1. Knowing how a lead prefers to engage with and communicate with you
  2. Evaluating the type of lead and its importance
  3. Responding within the appropriate timeframe


Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Achieving Results? Reply

One of e-mail’s great advantages is the ability to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, almost from the moment you hit the send button. Tracking effectiveness is a matter of analyzing reports generated by your e-mail marketing service provider or your internal e-mail marketing solution.

The article, “Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Achieving Results?” appeared in the September issue of the Marketing Maven e-newsletter.  It offers advice on popular metrics to track, determining the success of your e-mail marketing efforts and other metrics to note.