Do You Need an Online Marketing Agency?

Whether or not you currently work with a traditional marketing agency, you may want to consider retaining an agency with expertise in online marketing. With your customers and prospects using the Internet regularly for their work, your marketing mix should be shifting more to online programs. An online marketing agency can help ensure your investments are aligned with your objectives, and that you get positive results from online programs.

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Marketer’s Survival Guide for Tough Economic Times

If you are like most companies in the industrial space, you are concerned about the economy. Your company is experiencing rising costs and your management is paying close attention to orders and wondering what 2008 will bring. 

From my past experiences working in manufacturing, when things get tight management starts to cut expenses. Unfortunately marketing is often on the target list. 

So what’s a marketer to do in the industrial space who might not be working in an environment where marketing’s importance to the business is not entirely understood or appreciated?

Read our latest white paper: Pragmatic Business Strategy – Nine Ways to Make Marketing Work in Challenging Times. Don’t wait till the CFO comes knocking looking to freeze or cut your budget. Evaluate your current plan now and be prepared to demonstrate how you have the right marketing mix to take your company forward in uncertain times. 

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Industrial Marketers Should Be Well Versed in Old and New Media

I attended the DMA B2B conference in Orlando last week. One session I sat in on was given by Russell Kern entitled, “Turn Demand Generation Disasters into Epic Victories.” One thing Kern pointed out is that you’ve got classic direct marketing and new online marketing. The principles are actually very similar but the langauge used around each is different. Many of us in industrial B2B marketing have been around when voicemail was the great communication tool. It was evident from some in attendance at the conference that B2B marketers still have some catching up to do on the new media side. 

The key for industrial marketers is to bridge between the old and new media.  And for most marketers it means learning more about the new tactics and terminology and how they can be leveraged for your business. If you don’t, you risk losing share for your company as online is where engineers and industrial buyers are spending their time for product discovery, evaluation and supplier research. Read more about the media usage trends for your audience in GlobalSpec’s Engineering Trends Survey Report

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Five Action Items to Improve E-mail Marketing

Do you need an effective way to market to and communicate with customers and prospects? Use e-mail. It’s cheaper and faster than traditional forms of marketing. You can track the results of e-mails almost from the moment you send them out. And surveys show that e-mail is the preferred way for engineering, technical and industrial professionals to communicate with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

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Nigerian Email Scam Meets the Mob

I’m a big fan of Nigerian email scam.  I love the tragic background story that accompanies each email request for money. Rarely do I receive any of these emails anymore.  Either our corporate spam filters are really working, or Nigerian email scam has fallen out of fashion.

But today I received another scam email that took the Nigerian concept to a whole new level.  The scam was that a "hit" had been put on me and the sender could prevent my impending death if I sent money.

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Surviving Webinar Disasters

We host a webinar twice a month that gives an overview of how GlobalSpec can help suppliers in the industrial space better target an audience of engineering, industrial and technical professions, generate high quality leads and build brand.

Last week the presenter was unable to login to the meeting from a remote location at the last minute. The marketing manager hosting the event made a frantic search for some of the back-up speakers in the office but came up short so she gave the webinar herself. She was able to because she had created the presentation and was familiar with the content. We had another webinar where our second speaker had a power outage in their home office and lost the phone land line.

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Five Trends to Watch in 2008

The last few years have witnessed an ongoing shift in the industrial
sector from traditional to online marketing. Suppliers, manufacturers
and service providers are allocating more of their mix to online
programs to build a stronger presence on the Web where their customers
and prospects are.

Will this trend continue in 2008? Is anything new on the horizon? Here
are five 2008 trends relevant to suppliers and manufacturers.

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