Get Started on Your 2008 Marketing Budget

It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t started on your 2008
marketing plan and budget, it’s time to pick up your planning tools.
Remember, good planning means fewer fires to put out later.

Whether this is your first time building a marketing plan or your
twentieth, before you get down to specifying tactics and programs, make
sure you have a solid grasp of your company’s strategy. Every decision
you make in preparing your marketing plan and budget should be in
support of executing your company’s strategy, so keep it in mind as you
define your marketing objectives and build your plan.

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Don’t Fumble When Handing Off Leads to the Sales Team

What happens when you pass a lead to your sales team too soon? The
first few times it happens, the salesperson might follow up, only to
discover the lead is not qualified, does not want to speak to a
salesperson and is nowhere near a buying decision.

Soon enough, salespeople will ignore or discard these early-stage leads
in favor of short-term opportunities they can close. Don’t blame the
salespeople. Their job is to sell; they are rewarded for it.
Passing unqualified leads to the sales team results in a culture of
salespeople rejecting marketing leads. Some industry experts estimate
that early-stage leads which are lost, ignored or discarded by
salespeople represent between 40-60 percent of missed sales.

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Making the Most of the Season of Giving

By: Chris Chariton
My father was a purchasing agent and growing up, each December brought daily packages of fruit from Florida, liquor, nuts, candies, logoed golf accessories, and more from various companies.

Today there is less corporate gift giving. Many companies have strict policies on accepting gifts and limit it to a certain dollar amount.

Let’s face it: sending gifts to your customers is not an altruistic act. The purpose is to thank your loyal customers, strengthen your brand, keep your name top of mind, and further develop your relationship with that company, ultimately resulting in customer retention and additional revenue.

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Offering Value to Your Site Visitors

Here’s a fact: every one of your customers and prospects — big or small — are going to check out your Web site. And they will equate their experience on your Web site with what it’s like to do business with your company. A good experience on your Web site helps create a favorable impression of your company, and a bad experience will definitely turn them off.

“Give Your All to Web Site Visitors,” an article that appeared in the May 2007 issue of the Marketing Maven, offers examples of simple content, functionality and interactivity features that can be added to your site for a more positive user experience.

Web Sites – Design & Usability

Writing Winning Press Releases

If managing the details of your company’s marketing campaigns isn’t enough, you could be at the computer until well past midnight if you must shoulder the added task of writing a stream of press releases.

Producing successful press releases demands a different skill set. Read “10 Keys to Writing Winning Press Release”for real-world advice, including:

  • Writing successful headlines
  • Crafting quotations that work
  • Determining the best length and timing for your press releases
Public Relations

Chris’ Corner

Leveraging Market Research for PR and Lead Generation
When you think of market research, what typically comes to mind is the gathering of intelligence to facilitate product decisions and shape go-to-market strategy. You survey customers, study competitors, and track market trends to collect data that will help guide and support your decisions. This is market research in the classic sense.

But there are other valuable and often overlooked ways to use market research that can greatly benefit your company.   In the article, “Leveraging Market Research for PR and Lead Generation” GlobalSpec Vice President of Marketing Services and Product Management Chris Chariton explains the benefits of packaging and distributing results to three distinct audiences – the media, your customers and your prospects. 

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Giving Your Leads the Response They Deserve

Your company’s efforts at lead generation will achieve a better return in sales if you understand the nature of each lead and respond to it appropriately.

Three aspects of a lead can help determine how you should respond:

  1. Knowing how a lead prefers to engage with and communicate with you
  2. Evaluating the type of lead and its importance
  3. Responding within the appropriate timeframe
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Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Achieving Results?

One of e-mail’s great advantages is the ability to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, almost from the moment you hit the send button. Tracking effectiveness is a matter of analyzing reports generated by your e-mail marketing service provider or your internal e-mail marketing solution.

The article, “Are Your E-Mail Campaigns Achieving Results?” appeared in the September issue of the Marketing Maven e-newsletter.  It offers advice on popular metrics to track, determining the success of your e-mail marketing efforts and other metrics to note.

E-Mail Marketing