7 Strategies for Marketing in a Downturn for Manufacturers

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend with gas prices crossing the $4.00 per gallon mark, I can only believe that difficult economic times are ahead of us – manufacturers, distributors, and service providers – anyone who has to ship goods and uses any plastics in their processes. 

With this in mind, now is the time to think about how you are going to prepare your company to weather an economic downturn.  Guy Maser, GlobalSpec’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, has an article that can help you prepare your strategy. 

Read the seven strategies that can help your company in tough times.

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Ad Agencies: How to Pick the Right One

Many agency relationships start off with such promise. All the top people are involved with your account in the beginning. Then they disappear and you are left with the underlings. I have often found that I get better work from boutique agency or an individual consultant. My theory is that I am working more closely with the people who are doing the actual work, and I am closer to the principals. This isn’t to say that a large agency can’t deliver.

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Round-up of the Top B2B Search Engines

Search Engine Land features a post on the top B2B search engines. While Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have the lion’s share of the search traffic and dollars, vertical search engines continue to grow. General search engines are often the starting point of a search and lead to vertical sites. From the searcher’s view point, the vertical niche sites provide more relevant results and easier access to comprehensive content in a one-stop-search experience. 


For the B2B advertiser, vertical search engines offer much more than a general search engine. Vertical search engines provide a higher quality lead as a result of their targeted audience.  In GlobalSpec’s case we provide more than a click – we provide contact information of the searcher to the advertiser. 


GlobalSpec is called out in the Search Engine Land article. Click here to read the full article.


Part II – Hold on to Your Customers in Challenging Times: Survey Customers to Identify Problem Areas

In today’s economy retaining and growing your existing customer base is more important than ever. One key to retaining customers is to measure customer satisfaction.

Although most marketers would agree that conducting a customer satisfaction survey is beneficial to the company, many do not do it.

Some of the typical reasons companies do not conduct a satisfaction survey are:

  • Lack of in-house research expertise
  • No money for research
  • No time to put it together
  • We already talk to our customers all the time through sales and customer support
  • I already know what our performance is on many key quality areas like delivery, product quality, order processing
  • What we don’t know won’t hurt us – or afraid of what it might uncover

Let me offer some suggestions on how to overcome these objections:

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Hold on to Your Customers in Challenging Times: Survey Customers to Identify Problem Areas

In today’s economy retaining and growing your existing customer base is more important than ever. One key to retaining customers is to measure customer satisfaction. I recommend that every company assess customer satisfaction on a yearly basis at a minimum.

Some of the key baseline measurements that you should make are:

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Overall value of products/services sold
  • Availability/Lead times
  • Customer service
  • Delivery
  • Problem resolution
  • Quality
  • Sales personnel
  • Technical support
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The Three Elements of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

An integrated marketing campaign takes advantage of multiple online and offline media, resources, and customer touch points to achieve specific marketing objectives. Whether your objectives are lead generation, branding and awareness, lead nurturing, or customer cross-selling and up-selling, an integrated campaign will create a whole that’s greater and more effective than the sum of its parts, and help you achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently.

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How to Win Friends and Influence Marketers

No matter how well integrated Sales and Marketing are in an organization you’ll probably still find the typical complaints from both sides. Sales will say that Marketing isn’t close enough to the business and doesn’t really understand what sales does/needs/wants. “Marketing never seems to be working on anything I need,” or “I don’t know what they do in that ivory tower but I wish they’d do this.” 

On the other side of the fence, Marketing is saying, “Sales doesn’t pay attention to any of the programs/tools/information that we put out there for them. They don’t listen and ask the same questions over and over. They don’t follow up on leads.  They don’t understand that there is a bigger picture and everything marketing does isn’t for the short-term sale.” 

Both sides hit on some truths; neither side is wrong.

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2008 Industrial Marketing Insights

Join me on Thursday, April 10 at 2 pm EST for a webinar where I will share research on how your customers are interacting online. 

You’ll learn the media prefrences of this audience, their reliance on the internet and how online activity can drive off line action.  You will also find out about the adoption of new social media within the engineering, technical and industrial community.

This is an important webinar for anyone marketing to the industrial sector.  The research will help steer your marketing mix.  You will either walk away confident in what you are doing and better armed to justify it internally, or you will have food for thought on better aligning your mix to the habits of the technical audience.

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How to Make Marketing Work in a Challenging Economy

In a challenging economy, you must find new ways to make marketing work
more effectively, get more out of marketing investments, and measure
and account for marketing decisions. In short, you must make changes.
Doing the same things in an uncertain environment and expecting the
same results is a strategy headed for disappointment.

How can your company be one of those success stories that market and
grow their business during challenging times? The following strategies
will help you allocate marketing investments to better performing
programs that will carry your company through uncertain times, and

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