Listen to “GlobalSpec: Firing Up the Vertical Search Market”

Check out this interview video spotlight entitled, "GlobalSpec: Firing Up the Vertical Search Market".  Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Angela Hribar was recently interviewed by, an online news publication focused on the Internet advertising and media industry for members of the advertising community

In it, Hribar discusses GlobalSpec, our philosophy and what differentiates us from other online advertising solutions for the industrial marketplace.   Topics include company history, our audience, vertical search, competition, and the imprint that GlobalSpec has made.  Yes I’m biased, but this is worth watching if you want to learn more about what sets GlobalSpec apart from other online options. 

She encourages listeners to include vertical search as part of their marketing plan, saying, "If you’re not getting some experience with vertical search through GlobalSpec, you’re putting yourselves and your customers at a disadvantage, now and well into the future.  I’m not saying that GlobalSpec should be 100% of your media buy, but it should be the essential foundation of the media mix for anyone who’s in this space."

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Questions to Ask When Evaluating Online Media

When you evaluate online marketing programs, you may have many of the
same concerns as you do with traditional media programs. Alignment with
your goals, audience, reach: these criteria apply across all media
buys. However, other issues are specific to the online world: online
metrics, conversion accountability, reputation of Web sites and more.

With suppliers allocating more of their marketing budgets to online
media, it’s important to know what to look for and ask about when
working with new media partners. Here is a list of questions you should
ask your online media partners. We’re including those questions that
apply to both online and traditional media — it never hurts to be
reminded of the fundamentals.

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How Marketers Can Win Friends and Influence Sales

I promised in a previous Marketing Maven article, “How to Win Friends and Influence Marketers,” that I would write for the other side.  I have some practical advice on how marketers can better work with their sales organization.

Let’s acknowledge some of the typical complaints Marketing has to say about Sales:

  • Sales doesn’t like the leads we give them. 
  • They don’t use the tools/collateral/information we provide for them. 
  • Sales keeps asking the same questions over and over. 

First advice I would give any marketer is to remember who is responsible for your pay check. That would be Sales.  The “build it and they will come philosophy” doesn’t really work except in the movie Field of Dreams.  Even companies with healthy ecommerce online catalog sales often have a sales force.

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Understanding CAN-SPAM’s Latest Updates

On July 7, 2008, the latest CAN-SPAM updates from the Federal Trade Commission take effect.  There are a few things you should be aware of that will most likely impact industrial marketers.

You can only ask for an email address to process an opt-out (unsubscribe).  The goal of the act is to make it simple and easy for a subscriber to unsubscribe.  That means if you ask subscribers to login with a password to manage preferences, you will need to change the process. 

Also a subscriber should only have to visit one web page or send a reply email in order to opt-out.

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How to Host a Successful Webinar

Webinars are the online version of a seminar. They are much less expensive to host than in-person events, an excellent way to engage an audience that prefers online communication and a great tactic to generate or nurture leads for your products and services.

But as with any event, you have to compete for your audience’s precious time, and if you do get their time, you’d better host a compelling event. If you bore your audience with irrelevant content, dull their senses with text-cramped slides, or numb them by reading from a script in a flat monotone, your customers and prospects will be pulling back their virtual chairs and running for the exits.

Here’s how to host a successful Webinar, one that will have your audience paying attention to what you have to say and benefit your company as well. We divide the Webinar campaign into three periods – Advance Planning, Day Of, and Post Event – and offer a list of best practices for each.

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Use Online Marketing to Strengthen Customer Relationships

You invest valuable marketing and sales resources to acquire new
customers, and should also invest in ensuring your customers stay with
you long term. It’s widely acknowledged that the cost of acquiring a
new customer can be more than five times greater than the cost of
retaining an existing one. That means that you should make marketing
programs aimed at customer retention a priority.

What makes a customer stick with your company? Aside from offering
products and services that meet their needs, you need to let customers
know they are important to you. You can do this by providing excellent
support, soliciting their opinions and building familiarity that
strengthens your relationship.
When marketing for customer retention, it’s important to get out of the
promotional mindset and get into your customer’s mindset. In other
words, don’t just keep selling to them. A number of online marketing
tactics are considered best practices for keeping customers in the
fold. Here are some you can add to your marketing portfolio:

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Five Practical Ways to Improve E-mail Marketing

Yes, e-mail has presented challenges for marketers the last few years,
such as competing for attention in flooded inboxes and having
legitimate e-mails caught in spam filters. But the fact remains: in
business-to-business, e-mail still works.

Research from Datran Media shows that e-mail is still important for
driving incremental revenue, reinforcing a company’s brand position and
improving customer loyalty. In addition, few marketing tactics offer
the speed, low cost and measurability of e-mail. With these benefits,
it’s important to keep going with e-mail marketing.

Here are five practical tips to help you achieve continued success as an e-mail marketer.

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Be Small Act Large: Use Marketing to Position Yourself as a Big Company

One great thing about the Web is the way it levels the playing field between big and small companies. A small local operation can have a Web presence as robust and impressive as a multi-national company, allowing it to appear much larger than it actually is.

Of course, size doesn’t always matter. Small companies can promote the fact that every customer gets royal treatment and personal service. What does matter is finding your market niche, knowing what’s important to your customers and fulfilling those customer needs. But sometimes, looking bigger than you are can open doors that might otherwise be shut.

For those times when you need to look big, here’s how to use marketing to give you the look you need.

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Reach New Market Segments Through Online Marketing

One challenge most marketers face at one time or another is penetrating
a new market segment. Your company may introduce a new product that has
appeal beyond your current market segment, or your current products
offer a value proposition in markets you have not yet entered.

A new market segment could be geographically based — expanding a
regional business, for example, or going international. Or the new
market segment could be an industry you don’t currently sell into. 

To effectively reach a new market segment, put online marketing to
work. Online marketing has no geographic boundaries and the right
tactics can target the specific market segment you’re going after.
Additionally, online marketing offers the benefit of speed – an online
campaign can “go live” much more quickly than a print or direct mail
campaign.  Several online tactics in particular can help raise the
visibility of your brand to prospects unfamiliar with your company, and
generate leads for your sales team to turn into customers.

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Adding e-Newsletter Advertising to Your Marketing Mix

If you’re looking to connect with hard-to-reach prospects or gain visibility in new markets, it’s time to include e-newsletter advertising in your marketing mix. E-newsletter advertisements are a great complement to your in-house e-mail marketing efforts or a way to get started with e-mail marketing if you don’t have a house list.

Placing ads in online media such as e-newsletters can motivate your audience to take action. According to the results of the GlobalSpec 2007 Engineering Trends Survey, 81% of respondents reported having visited the advertiser’s Web site after seeing an online ad and 59% have e-mailed the advertiser.

With e-newsletter advertising, you can save costs and resources: you don’t have to manage the list, produce the content, or distribute and track the e-newsletter. You simply provide an ad to the publisher. In most cases, you’ll also set up a landing page on your own Web site for respondents who click on your ad.

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