Emerging Technologies Enable Relevancy and Engagement

Don Lesem, IEEE GlobalSpec’s Vice President and Chief Design Offer, recently contributed to eMarketers latest report “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Metrics Steady as Data Creates Better Context and Relevance.” You can view the entire report here. Other personalization tactics used by US marketing executives, according to an April 2017 survey from OneSpot and The Relevancy... Continue Reading →

List Health Practices to Maintain an Engaged Audience

GlobalSpec's own Linda Uslaner, Director of Product Management, was interviewed for eMarketers latest report "Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Metrics Steady as Data Creates Better Context and Relevance." You can view the entire report here. Sustaining and growing subscriber lists is another aspect of email marketing that’s also improved. A July 2016 poll from software services... Continue Reading →

5 Lead Nurturing Staples to Drive Sales

Studies have shown that 70 percent of new business can come from long term leads. To have a high rate of success at converting long term leads, companies must be able to optimize these five important lead nurturing processes. 1. Align marketing and sales teams Lead nurturing requires buy-in from both your sales and marketing... Continue Reading →

The Two Types of Marketing Essential to Your Success

Most industrial marketers are familiar with the terms push and pull marketing. Others use the phrases outbound and inbound marketing, or creative and directional. Whatever their names, these two types of marketing are essential to your success. Though they are different, creative and directional advertising must work together to form an integrated marketing strategy. As... Continue Reading →

How to Connect with Younger Engineers

As a marketer, you likely have long-term relationships with many seasoned engineers who are in leadership roles and in a position to influence decisions and make purchases. You’re probably comfortable communicating with this engineer. They are likely comfortable with your brand and know what you stand for. These engineers are the strongest advocates for your... Continue Reading →

How to Match Content to Stages of the Buy Cycle

Through research and direct experience, we’ve learned a lot about the engineering buy cycle. According to the GlobalSpec “Industrial Buy Cycle Study,” a buy cycle averages 12 weeks in length, is continuously beginning anew, and consists broadly of three stages: Research & Analysis, Comparison & Evaluation, and Purchase. Here’s what else we know: • Supplier... Continue Reading →

Five Essential Thought Leadership Guidelines

  Establishing your company as a thought leader provides benefits beyond what a marketing or advertising program can deliver on its own. As a thought leader, your company will gain credibility in the market and become a trusted adviser and partner. Potential customers will gravitate toward your products and services. Journalists will seek you out... Continue Reading →

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