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It's been well documented that people judge the page they are viewing quickly before making a judgment. In his short article Powers of 10: Time Scales in User Experience, Jakob Nielson explains why it's important to understand the purpose of your design in order to optimize the usability.

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group which he co-founded with Dr. Donald A. Norman (former VP of research at Apple Computer). Before starting NNG in 1998 he was a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer. More of his work may be found on his site Useit.com.

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Add Video to Pump Up Your Marketing Efforts

Video is hot! Not just as consumer entertainment on Web sites like YouTube, but as a business-to-business marketing tool. Let’s face it, when given a choice to watch or read, many people nowadays prefer to watch. Using video in your marketing efforts is about delivering your message in a format your audience is readily willing to consume.

Just a few short years ago, creating a marketing video for your business was time-consuming and expensive. You might spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a video and end up with a slick high-end production full of dazzling graphics and edgy music.

That’s all changing. Thanks to affordable, easy-to-use video technology, wide adoption of broadband Internet that allows for streaming video, and an acceptance of—some would say a preference for—more “homespun” video productions, video is a widely popular tool for B2B marketing.

Before you pull out the digital video camera and begin your new career as a movie director, keep in mind the following guidelines when producing marketing videos.

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Seven Ways to Keep your Web Site Content Fresh

We’ve all heard the expression “Content is King.” This maxim especially holds true for your company Web site. Fresh, relevant and up-to-date content will help your site perform better in search engine rankings and will keep customers and prospects engaged and coming back.

The challenge is coming up with all this fresh content. As busy marketers, we don’t always have time to write or update copy, which is an important task but not always the most urgent. Sometimes it gets pushed down the to-do list and before you know it, your Web site hasn’t had a fresh posting in weeks or even months.

That brings us to recommendation #1 on how to keep your Web site content fresh.

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Search friendly URL’s can only help ranking

A lot of work goes into putting a web-site together: content creation, page design, and site architecture are all important elements. One element that may seem obvious but is often overlooked is the URL for each page. In his article URL Best Practices and Guidelines Reminder, Jody Nimetz of Enquiro Search Solutions Inc. offers a list of best practices to consider when creating and or revising the URL's for your site. Jody Nimtez is an on-line marketing specialist who offers tips and advice on his blog Marketing Jive.

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5 Ways to Improve Landing Pages

If you use online marketing to drive prospects to your Web site, you need to develop landing pages to convert prospects into qualified leads. A landing page is a single, simple Web page tied to a specific offer. The offer might be a white paper, Webinar, research report or other content your audience will find valuable. Your goal is to convert visitors into qualified leads by capturing their contact information when they accept your offer.

Here are 5 ways to improve landing pages to help increase conversions and get more return from your marketing campaigns.

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Important considerations for page titles in regards to optimization

Optimizing title pages can help Web sites rank higher in search engine queries, but what should you do if the keyword or phrase being targeted has both singular and plural terms such as “Industrial Automation Consultant” vs. “Industrial Automation Consultants”?

Michael Gray who has been active in web development and website management for over ten years and is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land. In his article How To Optimize Your Page Titles For Singular & Plural Terms he provides some tips on creating titles and changing the order of words in a sentence to include both singular and plural versions of a keyword in order to optimize pages for ranking in search results.

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Effective Industrial Blogs: What is working?

Blogs have not taken off yet in the B2B industrial market place.  According to research we have done, 13% of engineers and other technical buyers indicated that they use blogs for work-related purposes.  In contrast more than 80% are visiting supplier websites and using search engines for work purposes. 

You are not alone if your company doesn’t have a blog.  About 6% of industrial suppliers have a blog today. Download full research report here. 

If you have limited resources – people, time and money – then I would not put “starting a blog” at the top of your list.  However, the use of blogs will only increase, and there is also a bit of a chicken and the egg issue at play here.  If there are only a few blogs to be read, how can the industrial buyer use them?

My advice is to get familiar with blogs, read a few and keep abreast of the trends so you will be prepared to step into this area.

One example of a company who has stepped into the blogoshpere is Indium.  They have several people within the company blogging on such topics as semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly.  There are frequent posts, and from what I can tell, technical content which is what the industrial searcher craves.  This is the kind of content that can position your company as an expert.  Check it out if you want to see an example of how you can use blogs as part of your marketing strategy.

If you have a good example of a blog for engineers and other technical buyers please share.

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Beyond Your Web Site: Seven Ways to Build Online Presence

Every company has a Web site; that’s a given. But with more than 90
percent of engineering, technical and industrial professionals going
online to search for components and suppliers, you need more than a Web
site in order to command online visibility and generate attention for
your products and services.

To effectively compete in the market, you should establish a presence
in the same online sources your customers and prospects use while
searching for products and conducting research. A broad and deep online
presence gives you more opportunity to present your brand, message or
offer to your target audience and increases the likelihood of gaining

Here are seven online strategies — beyond your Web site — that will help you build the presence you need.

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