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While building content for your site is an important optimization strategy; you can't count on content to purely drive traffic.

Justilien Gaspard, an independent consultant who focuses on organic search, has written a series of articles on building newsworthy content. In the this week's article, Create Something Newsworthy, Part 3 — Promotions he offers tips to promote your content.

He began the series with Create Something Newsworthy — Branding, Marketing, Links and continued it in his post Create Something Newsworthy, Part 2 — Testing.  

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Listen and Learn: Social Media Provides Direct Feedback

By Mike Nikolich

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Beatles’ classic A Hard Day's Night. Not just because of the music, but because of the writing. There are many memorable scenes and lines. One scene that comes to mind today occurs when George Harrison inadvertently winds up in an office where the company is marketing products to teenagers. The man in charge shows George a photo of their spokesmodel Susan, of whom the company is proud. George quickly bursts that bubble, telling the man that George and his friends “turn down the telly when she comes on and say rude things.”

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Ten Tips for Producing Successful Press Releases

Success with press releases involves more than writing your news and
distributing it on the newswire or submitting to editors. Press
releases are an important component of an integrated marketing program.

Today, some new rules apply to press releases. Editors are extremely
busy and you must work to capture their attention.  Your customers and
prospects get their news in a variety of ways, and search engines are
one of the audiences you are writing for.

Follow these tips to produce a winning press release that helps
increase visibility for your company and commands attention from
customers and prospects.

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Writing Winning Press Releases

If managing the details of your company’s marketing campaigns isn’t enough, you could be at the computer until well past midnight if you must shoulder the added task of writing a stream of press releases.

Producing successful press releases demands a different skill set. Read “10 Keys to Writing Winning Press Release”for real-world advice, including:

  • Writing successful headlines
  • Crafting quotations that work
  • Determining the best length and timing for your press releases
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