Why You Should Document Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Most manufacturing marketers craft a marketing strategy for each new year. The “Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019—Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends” research report by the Content Marketing Institute found that 78 percent of survey respondents now have a content marketing strategy.

When to Pull the Plug on a Marketing Campaign

If you’re faced with a program that’s not meeting expectations, you might be tempted to cancel the campaign and cut your losses. On the other hand, you might hang in there and hope performance improves. A third option is to make changes to the program midstream and see if that helps.

How to Rise Above Your Competitors

Engineers and other technical professionals have more discovery resources at their disposal than ever before. They are exposed to more suppliers in their search for products, services, and information.

That makes your job harder, but you can rise above your competitors. Here’s how.

5 Lead Nurturing Staples to Drive Sales

Studies have shown that 70 percent of new business can come from long term leads. To have a high rate of success at converting long term leads, companies must be able to optimize these five important lead nurturing processes. 1. Align marketing and sales teams Lead nurturing requires buy-in from both your sales and marketing... Continue Reading →

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