Nine Ways to Make the Most of Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the little siblings to case studies. They aren’t as in-depth, problem/solution oriented, or focused on demonstrating quantitative results. However, testimonials offer a number of advantages as marketing content: they are quick hitters with real people behind them. Potential customers can relate to them. They provide legitimate support for your company’s claims. And… Continue Reading →

Tips for Marketing During a Supply Chain Crisis

Lack of needed parts. Labor shortages. Shipping delays. Global conflict. Multiple factors are contributing to the current supply chain crisis, putting many suppliers and manufacturers in the difficult position of being unable to market and sell certain products and fulfill some orders. It’s understandable if companies are tempted to pull back on marketing efforts if… Continue Reading →

How to Find Your Target Audience

It’s easy to say you must invest your marketing budget on campaigns directed to your target audience. On the other hand, it takes hard work to find those specific buyers most interested in the products and services your company offers. Consider the task a two-step process: know them, find them. First, know them Before you… Continue Reading →

How Integrated and Multichannel Marketing Fit Together

The terms integrated marketing and multichannel marketing are sometimes used interchangeably. It’s easy to see why: integrated marketing can include multiple channels and multichannel marketing can be integrated. Think of intersecting Venn diagrams: the two strategies overlap but are not exactly the same. The key takeaway is that integrated marketing and multichannel marketing create a… Continue Reading →


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