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In 2017, you showed us that you like numbers: the top article offered “five” marketing myths that we debunked. Your next favorite was “three” marketing mistakes to avoid. If you read the Maven regularly you know you’ll get this type of quick-hitting, yet well-researched and practical marketing advice. The third most popular article was about sustaining and growing your email marketing list.

Take a look – we believe you’ll still find them valuable on a second reading. In the coming year, we look forward to offering you more marketing expertise. All of us at the Marketing Maven wish you the best both personally and professionally in 2018.

1. “Five Marketing Myths Debunked”

We’ve all heard “facts” about B2B marketing that are founded on misconceptions or assumptions. Basing your marketing decisions on myths can lead to subpar results. To help you improve your marketing effectiveness, here are five common marketing myths. Don’t believe them.

Read: “Five Marketing Myths Debunked.”

2. “Don’t Make These Three Marketing Mistakes”

As if there were only three possible mistakes! But these are big ones. Marketing in the industrial sector is increasingly complex. You must allocate a limited budget across multiple channels in order to best connect with customers and prospects. It can be a daunting process, and errors are often made. Here’s how to avoid three of the biggest mistakes.

Read: “Don’t Make These Three Marketing Mistakes.”

3. “List Health Practices for Maintaining an Engaged Audience”

Your house email list can be gold or fool’s gold, depending on how you mine it. GlobalSpec’s own Linda Uslaner, Director of Product Management, was interviewed for eMarketer’s latest report “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017.” She points out several ways GlobalSpec is strengthening its lists to drive performance and  improve metrics. You can too.

Read: “List Health Practices for Maintaining an Engaged Audience.”

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