Content is an important tool to help industrial professionals make the right buying decisions. For purchases under $1,000, buyers review up to three pieces of content related to their purchase decision (Engineering360 Industrial Buy Cycle Survey). For purchases over $10,000, that number climbs to four or more pieces of content reviewed for 70% of buyers.

Marketers understand the need to produce and distribute valuable and authoritative content that positions their company as experts, builds trust with prospects, and ultimately makes it easier to sell products and services. Sixty-three percent of industrial marketers now use content marketing as a channel, and 54% are planning to increase spending on content creation (Engineering360 Industrial Marketing Trends Survey).

However, content marketing, while an essential marketing strategy, presents a number of pesky challenges that you must overcome to be successful. These challenges include:

• Lack of internal resources. Content creation is resource intensive, requiring planners, writers, editors, designers, and production specialists.
• Producing content consistently. Related to a lack of resources, and perhaps a shortage of ideas, it’s difficult to put out a steady stream of compelling, educational content while also fulfilling all of your other marketing responsibilities.
• Producing engaging content. Knowing what will interest and move the needle for prospects requires research and experience. You may need to analyze your audience, conduct interviews, and tap into the knowledge of your sales and customer service teams.
• Distributing content to the right audience. You have to know your audience and what channels they use to search for and access content.
There are a multitude of channels to choose from, including your company and industry websites, search engines, social media, email, video, online events, and more.
• Lack of marketing integration. Content marketing is just one strategy within your overall marketing plan. You must be able to integrate content marketing with other efforts and track the performance of your content in terms of views, downloads, conversions, and other metrics.

Content marketing services to the rescue
Ask your media partners about content marketing services that can help you overcome these challenges and deliver a return on your investment in content marketing. Some media companies in the industrial sector have expertise in content marketing and a strong portfolio of end-to-end services.

Before signing on with a partner, make sure they offer the following five content marketing services:

1. Assistance in creating compelling content. There are two parts to this service. First, you want to know if your potential partner has a stable of writers, editors, designers, and production experts that can make up for any lack of resources on your part. Second, do they have deep knowledge and experience in your technical field?
2. Expertise across a spectrum of content types. Your partner should be able to identify the best content format based on your audience preferences and your marketing goals. They should be able to produce white papers, advertorials, technical briefs, e-books, webinars, infographics, and more.
3. Ability to promote your content to your target audience. Does your media partner have the attention of your audience and the channels to reach them? Whether it’s through banner ads and targeted e-newsletters, or dedicated landing pages and visible spots on websites, your media partner must make your content highly visible to the buying audience you are trying to reach.
4. A persistent presence for your content. A one-and-done campaign or the posting of your content for only a limited time period likely isn’t enough to draw the attention and traction you’re looking for. Media partners should offer flexible options in terms of how long and where your content will be visible and available to potential customers.
5. Delivery of intelligent data in support of content marketing. Make sure your media partner can offer comprehensive reports about the performance of your content and the ability to identify who is accessing it. Media sites that require user registration on their sites should be able to provide this level of detail, including contact information for prospects who have expressed interest in your content.

Is it time for you to optimize your content marketing efforts by engaging with a partner for content marketing services? To further support your content marketing efforts, download the complimentary white paper: “Content Marketing for Industrial Marketers: Establish Thought Leadership, Build Brand Awareness, and Drive Engagement Opportunities.”

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