GlobalSpec’s Industrial Marketing Digital Summit on Wednesday, July 11 brought together industrial marketing experts from leading companies to participate in educational sessions covering the hottest topics in B2B marketing for the industrial sector.

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At the event, M.H. (Mac) McIntosh, President and Principal Consultant of AcquireB2B and Mac McIntosh Inc., presented “What’s Working Best for Driving More Leads and Sales Today.”

A Marketing-Driven Sales Strategy is Cost Effective
McIntosh explained that in today’s climate, marketers are often asked to do more, without adding resources. According to MarketingSherpa, marketing departments are responsible for bringing in 60% of leads.

This mandate actually makes sound business sense. When you think about a prospect’s buying process, it’s less expensive to use marketing for the early stages, such as prospecting, nurturing and qualifying, and leave the demos, proposals, and closing to more expensive sales resources.

According to McIntosh, the reason marketing is more cost effective is that you can reach exponentially more prospects in these early stages using marketing rather than sales resources. And you can lower your cost-per-touch by using tactics such e-mail, e-newsletter advertisements, online events, inbound marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click, and others. By nurturing and qualifying the leads you generate before handing them off to sales, you can increase the efficiency of your sales team by 50% and lower the cost per sale by 25%.

The question becomes: How to generate more leads? (Isn’t that always the question?)

Four “Rights” To Generating More Leads
McIntosh offers four “rights” to help you generate more leads.

1. Focus on the right prospects. Look for prospects who are most similar to recent buyers, or prospects who have recently inquired, or have recently visited your Web pages. The key here is the word “recently.”

2. Use the right media. Media choices fall into two categories: pull and push marketing (or inbound and outbound, if you prefer).

Think of inbound marketing as a way to help you get found by prospects. It is best for awareness, branding, and lead generation. Outbound marketing is proactive communications allowing you to reach out to who you consider are your best prospects.

3. Make the right offers. However you connect with prospects — on your Web site, through e-mail, or elsewhere — in order to move prospects to the next steps, you must make the right offers and present the right calls-to-action.

4. Be there at the right time. Timing is everything. If potential prospects can’t find you when they are searching for products, services and solutions, or if you reach out to them when they aren’t ready or not paying attention, you won’t have success.

Here’s Our Special Offer
View the entire presentation “What’s Working Best for Driving More Leads and Sales Today” and hear McIntosh fill in the details on these topics — offering insight on how you can identify leads that are more sales ready, plus the secrets to successful lead nurturing campaigns.

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