One of the biggest challenges in e-mail marketing today is managing e-mail frequency. Each e-mail you send to the contacts on your list can represent a chance to build your brand, strengthen your position as a thought leader, or generate revenue for your company. However, a common complaint from contacts that unsubscribe is “I receive too many e-mails.”

A recent article on the Silverpop blog has a good summary of options you can take to increase your e-mail frequency. One item to note is to be wary of resending an original message or sending a slightly modified version of the original message. They can work as reminder but can serve to bother recipients if they did not feel the original message had value.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on managing e-mail frequency. Do you think strategically increasing your e-mail frequency is a good approach for your business? What tactics do you use to strategically increase your e-mail frequency? Leave comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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