We recently posted an article on writing a compelling subject line. A recent article on the Silverpop blog highlighted tips for subject line testing. Two tips stand out as key items that may not be part your testing practices: Test types of subject lines three times to increase confidence and consider segmentation.

Testing types of subject lines three times is a important because while a single test may favor a certain type of subject line, only continued testing will show if the results are consistent and repeatable.

Considering segments is also important. Even if a type of subject line tests well overall, it may still not resonate with a particular group of your subscribers. It’s even possible that a type of subject line that didn’t perform well overall could be performing well among a certain group. Examining the results by segment will reveal subscriber groups where further testing is needed.

Whether you are already practicing the techniques above or will be trying them for the first time, leave us a comment below and share your experiences.

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