It’s December, and that means it’s time for the Marketing Maven to re-publish the most popular articles of the past year. Looking at the list, we can see 2011 was a year of marketing pragmatism, with marketers seeking practical advice, how-to articles, and insider tips. Companies were particularly interested in increasing their online presence, creating more effective landing pages, and developing content to match their customers’ needs. Here are the three most popular articles from 2011.

Eight Ways to Increase Your Online Presence
Manufacturers and suppliers understand the mandate now: you need a broad online presence — more than just a company Web site— to connect with customers. No wonder this article was the most popular in 2011. From exhibiting at online events, to using more effective calls-to-action on your Web site, to the benefits of e-newsletter advertising — you’ll find all the tips you need to build a strong, sustainable, and effective online presence.

Landing Pages: 10 Tips to Improve
What’s so important about landing pages? Landing page design and content are probably the most crucial factors in determining whether your Web site visitors disappear or convert into leads you can follow up with. As one reader commented, “Ads, press releases, direct marketing, or any other promotions that do not work in tandem with an online “doorway” to further enlightenment or direct deals risk loss of sales momentum.”

How-To: Developing a Content Strategy
Your customers and prospects are hungry for content that will educate them and provide guidance to help them make the right buying decision. They need white papers, data sheets, videos, Webinars/Webcasts, case studies, ROI calculators, and more. Thismeans you need a strategy to develop, publish, and manage this content. This article tells you how to get started.

The Marketing Maven will be back in January with fresh, new articles and marketing advice. Until then, all of us at GlobalSpec wish you a happy holiday season!

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  1. I read recently that Experts from the Content Marketing Institute have outlined their “quick tips” for content marketing in 2012.

    They outlined the following:

    + Use graphics as well as words.
    + Learn the discipline of writing good headlines.
    + Carry a notebook with you.

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