A recent Big Fat Marketing Blog post warned of the risks of sending to inactive, unengaged subscribers. The article noted a study showing that about 30% of the participants were sending e-mails to these contacts at the same rate that they were sending to contacts that had opened.

The main risk noted in the article is that major ISPs are increasingly factoring in a contact’s engagement level when filtering e-mail messages. ISPs look at a number of factors when determining a sender’s engagement level. Opens and clicks play a large role in engagement level, but having your e-mail deleted, or moved to a junk mail folder can also impact your engagement level.

The key to maintaining a high level of engagement is sending relevant messages. Having relevant content and segmenting your list remain important to keeping your messages relevant. In the case of engagement it’s especially important to track responses and segment out contacts that are not engaged. If there’s a percentage of your list that is consistently not opening your messages, you’ll want to try and get them re-engaged by separating them out of your main mailing list and testing different subject lines, formatting, and messaging. If testing doesn’t yield increased engagement, it may be necessary to stop emailing these contacts and test reaching them via other channels.

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