I recently read the MarketingExperiments blog article, “Marketing Optimization: Measuring the potential force of your value proposition.” The article notes four essential offer elements that contribute to the force of a value proposition and provides three examples of value propositions that were submitted to the MarketingExperiments team. In each example, the four essential elements were graded on a five point scale (5 being the highest value). One thing that stood out was the lack of credibility. Out of the three examples, the highest credibility grade was a two.

The MarketingExperiments article mentions that the key factor to credibility is trust. We’ve noted that one of the best ways to earn the trust of your audience is to position your company as a thought leader. Once your company has established its own unique point of view, developed supporting content, and has utilized the media channels that its audience uses to advocate its thought leadership position, it will be able to build value propositions with stronger credibility elements.

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