With many of your potential customers on vacation during the summer, now is the right time to take another look at your current marketing mix and make some changes – before they get back in September – a prime planning time for the upcoming year.

But you may be wondering why you should even  consider a re-refresh of your current program? The simple answer is that it’s crucial to have a flexible marketing plan that can keep up with dynamic business goals, new marketing channels, and changing technologies. You want to insure that your marketing strategies are keeping pace with your prospects’ expectations and with the changing marketing landscape.

The first step in developing or refreshing your marketing mix is to understand that different marketing tactics can lead to different results. Each marketing tactic is designed to achieve a specific objective, such as targeted branding and exposure, qualified sales leads, web traffic and new product promotion. To achieve various marketing objectives, a multi-pronged marketing approach is best, with an emphasis on online tactics.

One of the advantages many online marketing programs offer over traditional media is that they are trackable. This allows you to show a measurable return on investment from your marketing efforts. Most online marketing programs offer measurement tools such as ad impressions, clicks, and sales conversions that provide proof of the effectiveness.

So what tactics should you be considering? Now more than ever this is a challenging question for marketers to tackle. When developing a marketing mix, marketers should start by identifying the key objectives, such as improving traffic to a company web site, high quality lead generation, branding and exposure, market penetration, and increasing sales conversions, for example. Once your objectives have been established, then marketers can choose the right tactics that will help you achieve these goals. For example, a mix might include a banner ad network, posting white papers on an industry-specific website, uploading a product catalog to a third-party web site and exhibiting at a online event.

So come in from the pool, take one last sip of lemonade and go get your marketing plan ready for fall.

To read more about how to develop an effective marketing plan download “Maximizing Your Marketing Mix”, a white paper co-authored by GlobalSpec and Frost & Sullivan.

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