Webinars resonate with industrial professionals. They give your target audience the opportunity to connect with you online from the convenience and comfort of their own offices. In addition to lead generation, Webinars offer you the opportunity to build credibility and brand awareness, and create a lasting, positive impression on your audience.

Following these tips will help you create and deliver Webinars your audience will appreciate and will help your company increase its brand visibility and reputation in the market.

1. Present educational content
It may seem counterintuitive, but to use Webinars for branding you need to avoid focusing Webinar content only on your brand, products or services. Instead, educate your audience, be helpful, and become a trusted resource. Do this by focusing your Webinar on topics such as presenting a unique position on an industry issue, comparing different approaches to solving problems your audience faces, or offering recent and relevant research that will help them do their jobs better.

If you are useful to your audience, they will remember your brand. One effective strategy to be relevant and educational is to invite a third-party Webinar presenter. For example, recruit a speaker from a standards governing body, a governmental agency, an industry analyst, or a media spokesperson in your industry.

2. Prepare presenters
If you are presenting at the Webinar, practice ahead of time. Prepare an outline, and synch up speaker notes with slides. Almost everyone needs to practice, not only what they want to say, but how they say it: tone, emphasis, and pace all count. How you present is as much a reflection on your brand as what you present.

Be sure to set up early and test all voice and data connections before the scheduled start time for your Webinar. Getting hit with technical difficulties or starting late will give your brand black marks before you even get started.

3. Create visual interest and interactivity
Webinars are a combination of voice and visuals. The voice part you practice, the visuals you prepare. Make your slides image heavy and text light. No one wants to sit in front of a slide with long lists of bullet points. It’s better to have many slides packed with images and a few words, than it is to have a few slides packed with words. You can also take your visual presentation to the next level by using video instead of slides. Video Webinars provide a stronger integration of audio and visual than the traditional slide and audio presentation. They are a great way to demonstrate products and showcase the thought leaders within your organization on a more personal level.

Also, engage your audience with polls and surveys during the Webinar and show the results in real-time. For example, ask the audience how many of them have faced a specific challenge, or how many hours they typically spend on certain types of work-related activities. Save time at the end for a live question and answer period. A good custom Webinar provider will be able to offer all these rich features that improve your audience’s experience.

Another note on visuals: include photos of all presenters in the Webinar so that your audience can attach a face to the voice they hear. It’s another way to develop a bond with your audience.

4. Extend the reach of Webinars after the live event
Not everyone who registers for your Webinar will attend the live event. It’s important to archive previously recorded Webinars so that your audience can view them on demand. On the same page, list upcoming Webinars which allows your audience to register for events of interest to them. You should also convert your Webinar slides and audio into video format for use on social media sites such as YouTube.

5. Work with a Webinar provider that can reach your target audience
Working with a respected industrial sector media company can help you achieve much greater reach and eliminate the production burden of your custom Webinar initiative. GlobalSpec’s custom Webinar program helps you reach the most relevant audience for your topic from their registered user base of 6.5 million engineering, technical, and industrial professionals. Globalspec’s Custom Webinar Program includes services such as e-mail invitations, promotion in relevant e-newsletters and e-mail alerts, audience registration, and attendee reporting for both the live-day event and on-demand viewing post-event. By partnering with a well-known industrial media company for Webinars, your company’s brand visibility and reputation will rise.


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