Does Mobile Marketing Have a Place in the BtoB World?  Sure, we all know by now that Social Media can be a very strong complement to our marketing programs. After all, online is where the industrial audience is primarily conducting their work.
It took a while, and some of us are still in the wait and see phase, but I think it is widely accepted that social media, when integrated into an overall marketing effort, offers another opportunity for businesses to engage in conversations with their audiences: customers, prospects, industry followers and others.
It can also be used effectively to promote your product line or share industry news, trends and technologies. And while our Social Media tactics don’t necessarily generate an abundance of leads, it does maintain name recognition in the marketplace with the continued, consistent branding and exposure that it offers.
And there are even ways out there to monitor your company’s social media activity. You can measure metrics such as number of fans/followers and activity (page views, discussion threads, comments, etc.).
But another new technology  trend, mobile marketing (sending marketing communications to a recipient’s mobile device) is still a big question mark. Do business professionals really use their mobile devices for work?
According to Christina Kerley, author of the B2B Mobile-Marketing Guide, there are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, and more than 70% of under-40 executives consider their mobile devices to be their primary communications tools.
However, Kerley stresses that while not every b2b company will need a mobile app, every single one will need a mobile website. She declares that mobile devices are poised to become the “first-screen” Internet device within a couple of years. And as business people are almost never without their smartphones, not having a mobile-friendly site in the very near future may be the equivalent of not having a website 10 years ago.
Kerley points out that “mobile is how professionals stay in contact with their teams, stay abreast of breaking developments in their industries, and stay competitive in a 24-7 global business world. Moreover, the perception held by many B2B marketers that mobile is purely a consumer marketing media is akin to thinking that professionals “disconnect” when they arrive at work… when exactly the opposite is true.”
So just as when Social Media emerged as the next “big” thing, you should take time to do your homework regarding marketing for mobile devices in the industrial space, as much remains to be seen. 
But you probably don’t want to take budget, time and resources away from existing marketing efforts that are performing for you and put them toward something that is yet untested. 
 Read the entire BtoB article “Mobile and social marketing: The dynamic duo” by Paul Gillin.  

And be sure to read GlobalSpec’s white paper, “Social Media Use In The Industrial Sector ” to learn just how your target audience is using social media and get practical recommendations for using social media resources effectively across your integrated marketing efforts.

 Are you marketing with mobile devices in mind? Do you have a mobile-friendly site or even an app? Share your thoughts!

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