Can b2b companies in the industrial space effectively reach their market with social media? No doubt there has been a lot of debate about this recently. But is there any research out there that can help clarify if engineering, technical and industrial professionals are really using social media?

Get the answers by attending the complimentary webinar “Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector” on Thurs., March 17th at 2pm EST. GlobalSpec will reveal the results of our recent social media survey, and provide marketers with an understanding of how their audience is using social media, and we’ll make recommendations for making the most of their involvement.

The webinar will also feature a case study that details how one company made use of social media tactics in the face of a reduced marketing budget.

Attend and learn:
• How industrial professionals are using social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
• The value of various online resources for work-related purchases
• Recommendations on how to get started with social media, and to what extent
• How one company uses social media to complement their marketing initiatives

Plus, learn the 5  Questions every industrial marketer should answer before beginning or expanding social media efforts.

Register today for this complimentary and informative event and learn how to successfully incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy.

Are you currently using social media to reach engineering and industrial professionals? What has been your experience?


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