Looking for a relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance your current marketing programs? Why not try Video? After all, it appears that the age of experimentation and uncertainty is over regarding Social Media. 2011 is the year to keep doing what you’ve been doing in 2010, and even expand your Social Media initiatives.
So maybe you have a blog, a Facebook page, maybe you “Tweet”, but is your company using Video? Video is just another facet of Social Media to embrace, as well as a great way to accomplish a number of goals – including:
• Building brand awareness and visibility
• Positioning your company as a thought leader in your field
• And even generating leads

Video can also foster good relationships with current customers and prospects– for example, if you post your Videos to a video sharing site like YouTube, viewers can comment and in turn you can respond to them. In fact YouTube, according to comScore, has over 233 million unique visitors each month, and even with its consumer focus, YouTube, can also be an effective b2b marketing tool.
So as a b2b marketer, how can you leverage the power of YouTube? In BtoB’s article “YouTube for b2: How to use the popular video site to expand your branding” several key components are shared that can help you build a successful video strategy. Among them, create engaging, even humorous videos – as experts agree funny videos have the best chance of going viral and boosting your brand’s image. Another idea is to incorporate people in your videos that allow your company to have a human face.
And, after you have developed a video, make sure to get the word out using other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and your blog. And beyond the obvious, why is how often your video is watched so important? Because the more plays your video gets, the higher it will place in YouTube’s search rankings.
For more great suggestions read the full BtoB article, get taping, and then share your experiences with us!

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