Fear Factor is the name of a television show where contestants are graded on how well they do while facing their fears. Spiders, heights, falling, snakes, rats, bees and even maggots top the list.

The confrontation of these fears, by most accounts, is liberating…in hindsight.

The ability to recognize and face our fears couldn’t be more critical to success. Both your success and the success of your company depends on deciding who the boogie man is, and facing it by getting real. Doom looming around the corner, dark alleys and creepy basements. We know it’s our imagination getting the best of us, but fear is an emotion. By definition, emotion is not rational.

The rational alternative to fear would be to plan for the worst and expect the best. Always great advice that holds true universally. Go ahead and make a plan B. However–Absolutely create a plan A. Dream big for 2011.

Take a flashlight. But forge ahead nonetheless. Create new paths. Try new things. Get that motor going and enjoy the success of the new year.

Share your Boogie Man stories with us. We want to hear from you.

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