Each December, the Marketing Maven looks back on the year and re-publishes our most popular marketing articles as determined by our readers. In 2010, many companies began to regain the marketing momentum that had stalled in the down economy of the past few years. In pursuit of more effective marketing, companies paid special attention to practical advice about e-mail marketing, landing pages on their web sites, and ideas for increasing qualified leads. Here are the most popular articles from 2010:

  1. Improve E-mail Marketing: 10 Quick Tips—Year over year, e-mail remains an effective B2B marketing tactic, yet reaching your audience and commanding their attention is more challenging than ever due to aggressive spam filtering, overflowing in-boxes, and competing demands on your audience’s attention. These 10 tips will keep you abreast of the best practices for successful e-mail marketing.
  2. The success of many online marketing programs hinges on having a strong landing page where you send interested prospects and convert them to qualified leads. With so much at stake on your landing pages, you’ll want to read Winning Landing Pages: An Eight-Point Checklist to make sure your campaign landing pages are in top form.
  3. The quality of leads generated by a marketing program is the number-one factor in determining how companies allocate their marketing dollars. And with good reason: with the appetite for revenue insatiable, you can never have enough good leads. Four Ways to Increase Qualified Leads offers ideas you may not have considered yet, but should with a new year of marketing challenges coming up.

Hope you had a successful year of marketing. The Marketing Maven will be back in January, 2011 with fresh articles.

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