It seems content creation is getting a lot of well deserved attention recently – after all 95% of buyers today are online looking for content – you need to be ready to serve this need.
But you may ask: Why should I build a content strategy?
For one, it helps to add value to relationships throughout the life of them – think of the buy cycle and how promoting relevant content to prospects at the certain stage of the buy cycle they’re in can really resonate with them. In other words, you have the ability through your content, to speak to buyers appropriately at each stage of the buy cycle. What does this accomplish?  This allows you to nurture your leads, target content for each type of buyer, and it also allows the buyer to maintain control of the cycle.
An example of this is using white papers at the beginning stages of the buy cycle – as they are great ways to help prospects focus their thought processes – while also establishing your company as thought leader. Later on in the buying cycle, after there have been multiple touches by marketing and even sales, case studies can be enormously effective as a way to aid in the actual purchasing decision.
Also, B2B businesses need a content strategy as the older forms of push marketing are getting less effective. For example, if you build a robust, successful content strategy you’ll find your audience coming to you to access your content.
And, lastly, but no less important, is that you can monitor the effectiveness of your content strategy by measuring file downloads, from your Web Site or emails, for example.

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Have you developed a content strategy? If so, what types of content are you developing to help turn your prospects into customers?

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