How can b2b companies in the industrial space continue to reach their market with print media, direct mail and trade shows hit hard in recent years?

With the continuing migration of engineering, technical, and manufacturing professionals to the internet to get information on products, services, and vendors, virtual events are an option to consider. They can help you to build brand awareness and generate highly qualified leads for your company, while providing many of the same (and even some additional) benefits of traditional tradeshows.

Learn what virtual events can do for your company and how they can be a significant part of your marketing plans – Register for a complimentary Webinar entitled: “Building Brand Exposure, Generating Leads with Virtual Events” on Wed., October 13, at 2:00 pm EST. 

Join us and discover why virtual events are gaining popularity with industrial professional and how you can take established trade show best practices and adapt them for an online audience.

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