As engineering and industrial technical users’ media consumption preferences shift towards video, it’s only natural for industrial marketers to increasingly utilize video to promote their products and services. This shift towards increased utilization of video promotion has been seen on GlobalSpec, as suppliers have incorporated videos into their product announcements and information pages.

In the sprint to create video content, it’s important for marketers remember SEO when publishing their video content. The most compelling video content is useless if prospective customers can’t find it.

Be sure to use keywords in your video title and description (in a way that makes sense for human readers) so that when it is indexed by search engines your video will appear in the results pages for those terms.

Saavy marketers are also including closed captions and/or external textual transcripts of their videos along with the video itself, which has the dual benefit of making the content accessible to those with hearing impairments (or just with no sound capability on their PC), while providing additional fodder for the search engines to index.

What techniques do you use to make sure your videos get found?


  1. Text transcripts are great for SEO. I also like to post to Twitter, FB, and appropriate LinkedIn groups to get videos in front of the right people.

    1. Thank you, Jim, for noting that. Such a great idea right under our noses. If anyone else wants to share ideas, please comment!

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