Your prospects are re-focusing, some industries are receding while others are recovering, industrial customers are re-evaluating how and where they get their information, and they're even re-thinking some of their top projects.

All of this information, and more, is contained for your marketing benefit in our 2010 Economic Outlook Survey report.

As for re-focusing, engineering, technical and industrial professionals tell us that they're spending more time on projects to save energy, reduce waste and increase existing production capacity. And that's your clue to match your message to their current needs.

This industry trends and research report will tell you which segments are slow to recover and which are starting to surge, so you can re-allocate your marketing efforts to where you are likely to reap the most rewards.

It's no secret that more and more of your customers show an increasing preference for online information over traditional media. We show you why having a website isn't nearly enough, and what you can do about it, economically.

Your prospects are interested in the new: markets, product design and development, and technology research, and that, in turn, leads to long-term spending.  Frequency is becoming even more important for marketers who want top-of-mind awareness at the right stage of the buy cycle.

You can read the entire report for practical advice about how to maximize your efforts in today's changing and challenging economic times.  Download it now – it just might be the most rewarding part of your entire day: 2010 Economic Outlook Survey report.

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