Industrial professionals are re-focusing their efforts – spending more time, attention and expenditures on going green, saving green and growing production capacity, all at the same time.

That's a clue for you to re-focus your existing marketing tools to fit in with their new objectives.
And that's just one of five strategies you can read about in the 2010 Economic Outlook Survey that will help you reap the rewards of savvy marketing.

You'll also learn more reasons to re-purpose your existing marketing materials, as well as where and why to reduce efforts while re-allocating your marketing dollars for maximum results.

For example, your customers are also spending more time using online information sources for work-related matters, and that's another key reason for you to re-evaluate your marketing plan.

And, there are other indications, also gleaned from the 2010 Economic Outlook Survey that your potential customers are focusing on new markets, new product design and development and new technology research, resulting in longer spending and buying cycles.

You can read the complete details in our 2010 Economic Outlook Survey, available for download right now.

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