GlobalSpec provides a number of ways for suppliers to leverage video content to engage engineering, manufacturing, and technical professionals, whether through directory representation (in Product Announcements or on a dedicated company Videos page), or by exhibition in one of our many online events.  These programs provide GlobalSpec with a unique vantage point from which to see what works best in terms of industrial video productions.

Eight tips for producing quality industrial product or service videos:

  1. Start with an idea or storyboard—a written plan for your production. Consider the audience that will view the final product and write it with their needs in mind.
  2. Use a tripod with your camera. One of the most common detractors to video quality is picture shake, so minimize camera movement.
  3. Make sure that your subject matter is adequately lit. The best way to visualize what you are shooting is to use a monitor as you shoot so you see a better representation of what your true output will look like. Add and adjust lighting as needed.
  4. Always keep in mind where the final video will run and how large the final output will be. For a smaller viewer, it is better to stay with close ups because details in long shots may be lost.
  5. Get to the point! Cover your key points and wrap up quickly in order to maintain audience engagement.
  6. Select strong visuals. Visuals and graphics should be carefully chosen in terms of how they support and tell your story.
  7. Use an appropriate narration “voice” to convey your message. For example, a strong male voice might be more appropriate for a metal stamping machine than a soft female voice.
  8. Pay attention to audio quality. For best results use a direct wired mic to the person doing the voice over (rather than using the camera mic). Adding a music bed under the voice can also greatly enhance the audio presentation.

Taking steps to ensure that production clarity and quality is good will pay off by presenting your company and its products and services in the best possible light to prospective customers.

Share your tips and best practices for producing outstanding quality videos?

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