Have you ever thought of using podcasts to market your business? They’re a convenient, portable way to build your company’s visibility; they are relatively inexpensive to create, have the potential to reach a large audience, and they are proven to grow virally like no other form of media.

Podcast popularity is growing at an amazing rate, as they are an effective way to reach your audience while they’re multi-tasking. For example, listening to a podcast is much more convenient, further reaching and more impactful than asking someone to commit to reading a 15 page white paper. And the results so far tell us that podcasts are much more likely to be shared with colleagues and friends, than a white paper.
Best of all, getting started is easy! To create a podcast, begin by looking at what existing content you have that could be turned into a podcast. It could be a white paper, survey results, product information, or you could interview one of your own in-house experts, for example, to create valid content interesting to your audience.

You can also use podcasts to enhance the exposure of an existing event. For example, if you are a holding a conference or webinar, then release podcasts that broadcast your event. It's pointless to hold an event if people don't know about it; podcasts make sure that they do.

And you don't have to hard sell your audience: podcasts can be part of an overall campaign to build relationships with your community, thereby enhancing your brand equity and reputation as a company that wants to engage and connect with their audience.

For more information on how to effectively use podcasts to market your business, listen to a podcast on the topic! Since podcasts are relatively inexpensive to create, this may be an alternative to large-scale social marketing efforts.

Are you using podcasts yet? Share with us how you got started and what your results have been so far!

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