Goal-Oriented Online Marketing and Social Media Programs

The 2010 Annual BMA Conference, which wrapped up on June 4th, showcased a number of B2B marketers that are successfully using online and social media channels to engage industrial and technical buyers.

For example, in the “Engage Technical and Engineering Buyers” panel discussion, moderator Rick Short, Director of Communications for Indium Corporation, provided numerous examples of the “revolution” in marketing communications. Referencing his own company, Rick explained how Indium moved from a static “brochureware” Web presence to a dynamic, interactive and “goal-oriented” online media program with a laser focus on increasing sales and profits by:

  • Increasing meaningful contact with customers
  • Purveying content and expertise in a pervasive and easily obtained way

Rick highlighted that social media is “one leg in a relay race.”  Indium’s online social media channels include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs. One ingredient to the success of Indium’s social media efforts is its ability to put engineers front and center in conversations with customers and prospects.  At Indium its engineers are treated like “rock stars.”

Summarizing the panel discussions, there was a general trend away from traditional media such as television, print and trade journals to new media, in part because everything online is so much more measurable. Commenting on the volume of information that’s available to online marketers, Rick noted that we’ve moved from ‘foggy’ to where ‘everything’ is measurable—we need to keep metrics simple.

What are the key online and social media performance indicators that your organization focuses on?

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