What are the top marketing goals for manufacturers? Year over year, customer acquisition and lead generation are the top marketing goals, according to the GlobalSpec survey, Trends in Industrial Marketing.

This makes perfect sense. The mantra is always more sales, more sales, more sales. Every company thrives or dives based on their sales volume. So it’s natural that marketing’s primary role is to generate qualified leads that can result in new customer acquisition. Brand awareness, while important, is a distant third on the priority list.

On the marketing challenges side, the top three are: having too few resources (dollars, people, and time) for marketing; not generating enough high quality leads for sales; and a need to improve marketing ROI.

Okay, having too few resources will always be at the top. Does any marketer ever believe they have enough marketing resources? But not having enough high quality leads and a need to improve marketing ROI—these challenges can be overcome with more effective marketing investments.

In the same survey, manufacturers reported that three of the top four sources for quality leads were online channels. This means marketers should continue to shift resources to online marketing. In addition, online marketing by its nature is measurable: page views, clicks, and conversions can all be tracked and these are essential metrics in helping to calculate marketing ROI.

How are you achieving your marketing goals and overcoming marketing challenges?

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