Are you using video to promote your business? Maybe it's time you should. Not only is video fairly easy to implement, it's also relatively low cost.

And, businesses and respected industry analysts agree that video is now more than ever a “must have” marketing and communications tool. According to the latest survey by US Interactive Marketing and Forrester Research, companies will invest in SEO, online video, and social networking more than any other media in 2010. If that's not reason enough, also consider that video provides the ability to motivate your prospective customers by efficiently communicating all the things that make your business unique.

Video can communicate what makes your business different, demonstrate how your products & services work and educate prospective customers. And best of all, marketing your business with video is easy and can make a huge impact to your earning potential.

One way GlobalSpec is using Video is in the form of a Company "tour" featured on our Advertising Home page. It's a brief description of who we are and provides white papers and other literature viewers can download after completing a short registration form. Not only does the video act as an introduction to those who may not know who we are, it also acts as a lead generator.

Is your organization using video yet? If so, how?

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  1. Your assessment about the use of video in industrial marketing is right on the money. I found them to be very effective on About Us pages, plant tours and product demos. My clients have generated high-quality leads from their websites after site visitors viewed their videos. Also, video syndication drives more targeted traffic and can boost your search rankings.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

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