Things are shaping up – and shaking up. If you play it right, they will add up, too.

Traditional marketing channels, such as printed industry publications, seem to be losing popularity while online marketing programs continue to take root in the industrial marketing sector. Marketing professionals are forecasting their plans to shake up their marketing programs and move more of their marketing dollars to online programs.

GlobalSpec's upcoming 2010 Industrial Marketing Trends white paper shows that marketers have been reporting the same top three marketing challenges for the past three years, one of which is the need to improve their marketing ROI. Survey respondents are reporting their need to improve their marketing ROI.

The key? You need the ability to measure what is working within your marketing program. Next – the ability to respond to the results. The flip side? If you don't know exactly what is going on in your marketing program until it's too late to respond, improving your marketing ROI is not going to be easy.

Online industrial marketing programs give you the control to monitor results - whether your marketing goals are to increase lead generation, Web traffic or brand recognition.

To find out the entire scoop, stay tuned to the Marketing Maven blog for the upcoming launch of the Trends in Industrial Marketing 2010 White Paper.

To be continued……..

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