One common way marketers stay in front of customers is through the use of a company e-newsletter. But with the deluge of e-mail that floods recipients’ inboxes comes the challenge of getting the e-newsletter opened and read. Many companies don’t have dedicated technical writers and editorial staff to provide the articles and content necessary to engage readers to the extent that they make a point of regularly opening and reading the e-newsletters.

To address this challenge in the industrial space, marketers are leveraging third party e-newsletters as a means of essentially using them as a “virtual" engineering editorial department.  Third party e-newsletter titles take on the challenging job of regularly creating and/or aggregating fresh engineering content that engages the B2B marketer’s target audience (getting them to open and read the email), while the B2B industrial marketer “piggybacks” the targeted content with their own brand and product promotions.  

An additional benefit of advertising in third party e-newsletters is they typically have much larger subscriber bases than most manufacturers have in their house list, with subscribers that are in all stages of product research.

Furthermore, leads generated by the third party e-newsletter sponsorships serve to enrich the industrial marketer’s in-house prospect database, which fuels growth and success in future marketing campaigns.

Benefits of third party e-newsletter advertising for industrial marketers:

  1. Eases the burden of having to generate engaging technical content at regular intervals 
  2. Helps build in-house prospect database
  3. Reaches new audiences
  4. Creates increased awareness of brand and products at all stages of the buyer’s information gathering process

What are other benefits you have found from advertising in third party e-newsletters?

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