The industrial buy cycle has been around for as long as products have been bought and sold.  While the stages of the process haven’t changed over the years, the way buyers navigate through the buy cycle and where they go to get information has changed dramatically.

Join us for a complimentary, 45-minute Webinar on Tuesday, April 13, titled, Align Your Marketing with Your Customers’ Buying Process: Understanding the Industrial Buy Cycle.

Presented by industrial marketing experts Chris Chariton, vice president of marketing services and product management for GlobalSpec, and Brenda Bunkers, product marketing manager for Groschopp, this brief, information-packed Webcast will give you insight into the importance of aligning your marketing strategy with the industrial buy cycle.

Attend and learn:

  • How online information sources are used during each stage of the buy cycle and the factors that influence a purchasing decision, featuring results from our latest surveys of engineering, technical and industrial professionals
  • How to apply an understanding of the buy cycle to your marketing efforts
  • The “last ad” concept, which can lead to flawed marketing decisions and an over-reliance on a narrow set of tactics
  • How to align your content with the various phases of the buy cycle
  • How one company uses marketing to reach their target audience at all stages of the buy cycle.

Register today for this complimentary and informative event and learn how to successfully align your marketing strategy with the industrial buy cycle.


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