Quick. What does industrial online marketing have in common with the Jetsons? Obvious answer: technology.

It seems so simple when we think of how the internet has affected our marketplace and how we do business. Our ROI has skyrocketed. The delays in changing our messaging within current marketing campaigns are no longer an issue.

It is easy to assume that we have kept up with our peers and competitors. What online marketing gives you is the ability to control the results. The ability to know for sure if you are winning the race for business. No assumptions necessary.

What we, the Marketing Mavens of GlobalSpec, know is that we continue to lead the marketplace when it comes to online marketing solutions for industrial marketers. We reach our goals by pushing ourselves beyond our marketing strategies of years past. Not only in terms of profit, new customers and registered users, but also by continuing to grow our brand value on a virtual two-way street. We receive information and we make strategic decisions based on it.

It's true. We drink our own Kool-Aid. Our marketing strategy is centered on online marketing

Now that we are all connected to one another 24/7 – the more difficult question to answer is – how has it changed your marketing strategy?

The answer to this question may come a little slower, but in the end today's online marketing opportunity is to reach our marketing objectives with greater speed and effectiveness while reducing the costs of yesteryear.

Please share your thoughts…….

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