If you are in the B2B world you know that the industrial buy cycle is a lengthy process involving multiple decision makers, which – due to recent eocnomic conditions – has only become more complex.

A key marketing strategy is to develop content and exposure for all phases of the buy cycle, including Needs Awareness, Research, Consideration & Comparison, and the final stage of Procurement.  If your products and company are not found in the early stage of awareness it is unlikely that you will be present in the final purchase phase.  Understanding what technical buyers look for during each phase and where they go for that information will help you align your marketing tactics and advertising.

Recent research shows that 42% of industrial buyers evaluate and review four or more suppliers in the initial research phase.  When they move to the last phase and ask for quotes or proposals, that number drops to 26%.  Two-thirds of buyers seek quotes from three suppliers. 

Download white paper and research report: "Understanding the Industrial Buy Cycle: How to Align Your Marketing with Your Customers' Buying Process". 

Comment below on what type of content and marketing have you used to reach each phase of the purchase funnel?

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