Whether you’re already using video, or are planning to in the near future, there are some best practices you should be aware of to optimize the effectiveness of your video content.  

1) Make it short.  The best videos are short and to the point.  Start with an idea or storyboard so your shoot is purposeful and planned out. If necessary, break longer subject matter into shorter video snippets.  Example video:  LayerZero Power Systems

2) Make it interesting.  If you can come up with an interesting or novel way to present your product’s benefits it will payoff.  You don’t have to necessarily spend big bucks on Industrial Light and Magic grade production values or special effects, you just have to be creative. Example video:  AeroGo Air Casters

3) Know thy purpose.  Some videos try to do too many things.  They provide product facts, demonstrations, technical support tips, etc., and end up not doing any one thing very well.  Example of a purposeful, well-focused video:  Baluff IO Blocks

4) Be educational.  Use the soft sell and educate viewers on your product using select, compelling data to support its merits.  Content with genuine educational value also has the better “legs” in terms of being linked to and shared amongst your target audience.  Example: Binder constant climate chambers

Industrial video can be a useful tool in the industrial marketers arsenal that can support a variety of purposes from product dramatization, to education and training. 

Have you seen any great industrial product videos lately? What was it about them that made them memorable?

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