Mac McIntosh, the Business-to-Business sales lead expert and Dianna Huff, B2B blogger and MarCom writer are compiling an e-book on silly B2B marketing mistakes. 

If you would like to contribute to the ebook you can email Mac ( ) with your list of ten or less mistakes with the top mistake as #1.  Send your submission by 2/26 along with the url of either your Web site, blog or LinkedIn profile.

Mac asked me to contribute and this is the list I’ve compiled:

1. Losing sight of the customer. It is important to get a reality check from your customer/prospect base to ensure that your marketing is on point. Visit customers, call them, sit in on sales calls, go to a trade show or conduct research.

2. Thinking that demonstrating ROI of marketing programs is a passing phase. Marketing analytics is here to stay. Increasingly the C-suite is requiring a proof of results from marketing.

3. Neglecting to work with sales. Sales is the customer too and you need to check in with them to find out what they need, what is working and what is not.

4. Forgetting that people buy. At the end of the day people are behind the buying decisions of businesses.

5. Giving credit to the last click. There are many ways that a buyer finds their way to your Web site and the last place they came from is often given full credit. Don’t forget that in the early stages a buyer may have been exposed to your brand in a number of online and offline sources and mediums. Recognize the role that your marketing efforts play in all stages of the B2B purchase funnel – from needs awareness, to research and comparison, to the final purchase phase.

6. Constantly creating new content. You might be tired of it but your entire customer and prospect audience hasn’t seen it yet. Reuse and promote your best white papers, webinars and articles multiple times.

7. Not testing email. Test days of the week, lists, headlines, conversion forms, and especially subject lines, as subject lines are what will get your emailed opened – not email copy.

8. Assuming all leads should be given to sales. Make sure you are evaluating lead quality and assign some to the nurturing track.

9. Dedicating too much time/resources to the latest social media rage. Social media is important and needs to be a part of your marketing strategy but until it starts delivering a significant portion of your revenue or leads etc… then it should not receive a significant portion of your marketing resources.

10. Failing to adjust to market conditions. Take the time to evaluate your tactics and strategies as the business environment changes so you can modify as needed.

Please comment on the silly mistakes you’ve witnessed. It serves as a good reminder to us all of what to keep top of mind.


  1. Chris,

    Lot of great ideas. I sure hope your readers avoid these mistakes.

    By the way, I’d like to add one mistake I see from most of my clients before they hire me.

    Not having a marketing plan or marketing calendar to help guide them on a consistent basis.

    Not having a Marketing Plan is like thinking about going on vacation and not planning on where you are going and how you will get there. It makes no sense and can cost you a lot of time and money.

    Sandy Barris

    P.S. Chris, how do I go about submitting articles to the IMM blog?

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