Most companies faced challenges this past year, and marketing effectively online under budget constraints was one of them. In 2009, many Marketing Maven readers were drawn to our practical advice about improving e-mail marketing results, strengthening company Web sites, and maintaining customer relationships. Here are the most popular articles from the past year.

  1. E-mail marketing continues to deliver good results and be cost effective, so it’s no surprise one of the most widely read articles of 2009 was “E-mail Marketing Dos and Don’ts.” Discover what you can do to make your e-mails more interesting and relevant to your audience, how to generate more leads, and new ways to connect with specific target audiences. Plus, benefit from a refresher on those crippling mistakes you need to avoid.
  2. “Five Things to Include on Your Web Site, Five to Avoid” is another one of those useful articles that help you do the right things while staying away from the wrong things—this time on your Web site. Follow these pointers and your Web site can attract more prospects, generate more leads, and do a better job promoting your brand.
  3. Looking to be more efficient with sales and marketing? Keep the customers you’ve already worked hard to acquire. “Five Tips for Maintaining Customer Relationships” offers ideas you can put to use right away to keep customers coming back to you and increase referrals from existing customers.

We’re looking forward to a strong year in 2010. Keep up the good marketing, everyone.

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