Earlier this week GlobalSpec's Chris Chariton, Vice President of marketing services and product management, and lead management consultant Mac McIntosh presented at Marketing Sherpa's B2B Marketing Summit in Boston. The presentation was well received, and generated much interest. The slides be found here.

Chariton spoke about how GlobalSpec was able to generate more high quality leads and deliver those leads faster to their sales team. For example, leads used to be delivered to sales in about two weeks' time, but after GlobalSpec's aggressive initiative, they were able to cut that time down to 24 hours.  

The presentation also covered lead generation and management best practices that GlobalSpec was able to apply, the keys to its success at getting those best practices implemented, and some of the lessons learned along the way. Mac spoke about how GlobalSpec was able to increase their lead generation numbers by creating additional offers despite a limited budget by re-purposing existing content, pulling apart current offers and updating older pieces.

Learn more about these tactics and how GlobalSpec was able to achieve the buy-in from upper management as well as other departments, whose help was crucial to getting their goals accomplished.

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