As 2009 comes to a close, you may wonder how to plan for 2010. For many, 2009 has been challenging…and honestly…confusing. How do we keep a bead on what is working while we’re so busy pushing new content and campaigns out there? Add in a few out-of-town tradeshows into your schedule and the concept of continual progress review gets quite difficult.

2009 = Change. Change in the way we do what we do. 2010? 2010 is yet to unfold, but it’s a pretty easy assumption to say that for industrial marketers, 2010 will be filled with what has proven results in 2009.

The digital age may have taken a while to catch on within marketing in some parts of the industrial sector, but one thing is clear. Online marketing has proven effective to market to industrial, engineering, manufacturing and technical professionals.

This is exactly where online marketing comes into play. Not only for the flexibility of programs and the efficiency of your marketing dollars, but for the metrics, digital lead distribution and so on. The mere capabilities that traditional marketing programs could never offer are not just interesting anymore. They are necessary in order to prove results and reach your industrial marketing goals.

To learn more about how to make 2010 a successful year, read our new white paper, Preparing for Economic Recover: How Industrial Sector Companies can Successfully Emerge from the Downturn.

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