Recently we wrote about Seven Ways to Keep your Web Site Content Fresh. One of the ways discussed was to begin a blog. However, if you haven’t started one yet, it may seem overwhelming.

Mark Jackson, the President and CEO of Vizion Interactive, has been involved in interactive marketing since 2000. In his article Blogging for Search Engine Optimization he offers some advice to make it less intimidating. Specifically he discusses whether you should use a sub-domain, sub-directory, or a completely separate domain for your corporate blog.

Once you’ve set up the blog, or if you already have one, it isn’t always easy to know what to write. This article by Peter Da Vanzo, editorial director at SEO Book, How To Overcome Writers Block offers seven suggestions to try when you aren’t sure what to write.

Regardless of whether your blog is new or one you’ve managed for some time, it is important to remember that keeping content fresh is a very important strategy for search engine optimization.

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