Creating a lead nurturing process may be on your list of marketing efforts to look into sometime in the future….when things are less hectic. The value of lead nurturing is simply an unknown to most and in today's market, professionals responsible for lead generation and sales need to know what their efforts will produce. Lead nurturing simply doesn't qualify. Right? Not so fast…..

5 reasons why lead nurturing is important within a marketing program.

  1. Lead nurturing 'fills in the gaps' for your prospects. Providing you a way to promote your entire offering while keeping each email specific to one subject. A much easier way to understand and digest information.
  2. Creating a lead nurturing program is efficient and effective!  Unlike typical email campaigns, once the process is set up, it's an automatic way to keep your brand in front of your target audience.
  3. It's intelligent! It's triggered by specific criteria, like a download of a white paper, so you have the opportunity to craft your messaging around that specific event, subject interest or industry.
  4. Lead nurturing programs offer you multiple yet separate opportunities to communicate with the same prospect – keeping your brand top-of-mind.
  5. Lead nurturing programs work by 'warming up the prospect' with information so that when a sales person contacts that prospect, their conversation can progress faster because they are spending less time educating and more time discussing your company's products and services.

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