Looking for a way to generate higher quality leads?  Who isn't? Why not consider featuring a "tour" of your business on your Web site or in your marketing emails?

A "tour" is a brief (usually about 3 minutes) presentation that provides an overview of who your company is and what your value proposition is to potential customers. It ensures that what you want conveyed about your company is done in a consistent manner. Your tour is also a good way to bring attention to additional offers you'd like to promote. And best of all – the main objective of the tour is to convert viewers into qualified prospects.

Leads are generated when tour viewers complete a registration form at any time during the tour . Registration provides them access to an array of offers – like White Papers, Articles, a Media Kit, etc., while providing you with their contact information.

To get an idea of how a tour looks and works, watch the GlobalSpec Tour here: http://www.globalspec.com/advertising/tour.

For more information on how to develop your own tour, feel free to contact Sapha, the company that developed GlobalSpec's Tour.

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  1. Neat idea!

    Wasn’t familiar with Sapha till now. It’s nice to have another arrow in the quill for clients who are ready for some serious lead generationn.

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