As blogging gets more and more mainstream, many industrial marketers are stepping up and answering questions on various blogs. All of this leads to one important question –

    What should you say? What should you avoid?

Rule #1 – Use common sense. Authoring blog material is published for everyone to read. Your boss, your boss's boss, your mother.

Rule #2 – Ensure that you are speaking as an expert on the subject. If you have something worth contributing, great! If not, you may be doing more damage than good.

Rule #3 – Identify yourself. If you are blogging on behalf of your company, be sure to mention it.

Rule #4 – While blogging has become informal, it's easy to be a little too informal. Put your best foot forward.

Rule #5 – Read your post before you press submit. If you can't understand it without reading the entire string, work on your answer before publishing.

Rule #6 – Use spell check. Your post represents your professional opinion, as well as your education. 

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  1. Great reminders. It’s amazing what people will write, (apparently) without thinking of the ramifications.

    And, now, I’m sitting here, wondering if the “apparently” should be in parenthesis … or even included at all.

    Sooo, I guess it’s also possible to *overthink*, but that’s still no excuse for not carefully reviewing and evaluating what you write.

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