This is part two of my key takeaways from the MarketingProfs B2B Forum.  I attended a few sessions around the topic of demand generation and measurement.

Karin McEwen from MathWorks and Jim Lenskold from Lenskold Group spoke about Putting Measurement into Action to Improve Leads, Conversions & ROI.  A potential group that is not getting enough attention today is stalled leads.  Go back to the leads that sales has rejected and put them in a nurturing program.  Lenskold suggests five areas to review to improve conversion effectiveness of your leads:

  • Target high value potential prospects
  • Improve conversion later in the funnel
  • Reduce leakage with better integration
  • Accelerate leakage of low potential prospects
  • Reduce over spending beyond progression rate

From Silverpop's Scott Voight and Brainshark's Joan Babinski I was reminded (and you can't be reminded enough about this) that Sales is Marketing's customer.  Also be a lead developer vs. a lead generator.  For anyone that has implemented lead scoring you should be monitoring and adjusting as you learn.  Models aren't static. 

Brainshark is having success with sending email in what I like to call "plain jane" format on behalf of its sales team.  These emails are html but look like text and are more conversational in nature vs corporate marketing speak. 

Russell Kern led us in an interactive workshop to raise response rates in a down economy.  Kern brought his energy and wisdom to get our creative ideas flowing.  My favorite idea of the day was focusing on content/offers that can be passed up the decision tree and help make the sale upstream.  Very important today when decision making is being pushed up the chain.

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